About Doug Allen


doug2Doug Allen is the owner and Director of Body Horizons in Greer, SC.

Doug is a practitioner of holistic and biological sciences. He has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, with extensive studies in eastern and western herbalism. Doug also studied electro magnetic theory, plus sound and light therapy. He focuses on the restoration of health at an energetic level. He practiced Darkfield microscopy and live blood analysis for six years, and was chosen among the top of his class for attendance at the First Functional Seminar for English speaking practitioners in Germany.  He was one of 47 people in this group.

Doug trained at the Vega Institute in Germany in subtle energetic measurement and practiced with the first Vegatest Expert device for export to the USA. In Germany, Doug trained with Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, who is known as the founder of Pulsed Magnetic Therapy, and has significantly contributed to the development of complementary medicine in Germany. Dr. Ludwig’s name is well-known among alternative therapists in Europe and North America.  In 1974, Dr. Ludwig created a handheld magnetic pulsar which mimics the earth’s magnetic fields, or Schumann base frequency of 7.83 Hz.  Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig worked also with NASA to install a magnetic pulsar (or Schumann generator) on a manned spacecraft. Years later, Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig helped to develop the Biomagnetic pulsar with over 100 different frequencies including the important Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hz. This is a natural magnetic field that a person can only experience in nature, away from concrete buildings and electric devices (electro pollution), which contradict the internal processes of the body.

For many years, Doug served as the North American distributor for AMS Systems of Germany. He promotes Bioressonance devices for both practitioners and lay people. Doug personally developed the “Total Shield Pro” using Ludwig technology. Doug sells the ‘Total Shield Pro,” which is the first EMF protection device currently available in the USA.

Doug also studied at the Paracelsus Klinik in St. Gallen, Switzerland. It is an internationally renowned center for biological-integrative medicine. At the Paracelsus Klinik, Doug specialized in discerning the roots behind diseases of unknown origin, plus vaccine induced illness. Doug is well-known for his work in correcting sleep disturbances, health problems, and environmentally induced health challenges.

You can reach Doug at 864-884-5115.